We are Environmental Leadership

Over 20 years experience in training, assessment, and consultancy

Environmental Leadership Ltd provides training, assessment and consultancy solutions to the waste sector. We can help you if you need a Permit application for a new waste site; if you need assessment for WAMITAB; or you want help to introduce a Health & Safety Management System.

For over 20 years we have been delivering WAMITAB and Health & Safety training for all sizes of organisations, from multi-nationals, through to sole traders. In all cases we pride ourselves on understanding your needs and adapting our approach to ensure we make a real difference to your business.

We are able to offer a full suite of qualifications, from WAMITAB Level 1 and 2 Qualifications in Sustainable Resource Management, through to WAMITAB Level 4 Qualifications in Anaerobic Digestion, Mechanical Biological Treatment and Landfill. In fact, if you think a specific activity you carry out would benefit from a WAMITAB certificate, we can work with you to get this Validated.


  • One of the original WAMITAB Centres, with years of experience
  • Assessors have expertise as operators, regulators and educators
  • Widely respected, with staff sitting on various industry working groups
  • Externally accredited by organisations such as IOSH and the CIWM
  • Excellent client satisfaction rating
  • WAMITAB audits indicate an ‘excellent’ rating

Our Services

We offer a range of Environmental and Wastes Management training services throughout the UK

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In order to operate a waste management site you need to demonstrate that you are technically competent. This is normally achieved by completing a WAMITAB qualification. We are approved to offer a full range of qualifications for all types of waste sites, such as scrap yards, ELV sites, skip yards, composting sites and landfills.

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A Management System is just a formal way of setting out the processes and procedures that you use in your organisation. This could be externally certificated, such as in an ISO, or a requirement of your waste Permit, or simply something that you have decided is good business practice.

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There are a lot of pressures and demands placed on you when managing your waste business. For example, with new sites there is the need to apply for the correct permit and prepare all the necessary paperwork and systems. Whereas for existing systems it may involve reviewing and updating processes to make them more effective and compliant.

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It is essential that you and your staff have the skills needed to do your jobs correctly. This could be through formal, externally accredited training, or more informal sessions delivered in house. Whichever option is chosen it is important that the correct decision is made, ensuring that the outcomes fit your needs and budget.

“What our Customers say…”

Being able to directly relate the course to my own work and implement improvements along the way made it an extremely rewarding experience!
Haydn D, Gwynedd
Environmental Leadership are a professional organisation and I was in no doubt that I would achieve goal with their support.
Mark P, Skelmersdale
Environmental Leadership assessor Nigel Mair was a pleasure to sit and work through the qualification with. He was there when advice was required and I don’t think you could find a better company to have for training purposes.
Chris S, Cumbria
A practical course which confirms that the tasks are undertaken in a correct manner.
Haydn J, Gwynedd