The waste industry is growing and expanding, with new sites being set up all the time to meet changing legislation, targets and customer demands. Most of these sites will require an environmental permit, which could be either Standard Rules or Bespoke.  We can help you with each stage of this process.

Also, by working with you at the very start, we can ensure that the systems you have in place best suit the work you will need to do later on for Technical Competence. This not only makes things much easier and quicker for you, but will also save you money in the end.

Permit Applications

The process can seem daunting, with lots of forms and documents needing to be prepared and submitted. We can work with you on this, helping to shoulder some of the admin burden so that you can get on with some of the other important things that need doing for your new site.

Environmental Management Systems

These are a requirement of your Permit and the Regulator will expect to see something in place when they first visit your site. Many new operators fall at this first hurdle by not realising that their Permit may be issued on the expectation that an EMS is in place, with this being checked when they actually come out to see you.

No EMS = Big non-compliance!

We can help and we will write an EMS that works for you and meets your permit requirements. We can even help you to get it certificated to ISO14001 if that is something that you are looking to achieve.

Because we will also work with you to demonstrate Technical Competence, we can ensure that the EMS dovetails into these requirements. Therefore, if you introduce an EMS we have written, this will go a long way towards demonstrating your Competence.

Health & Safety Management System

Working in a safe and healthy manner is not only a legal requirement, but also the morally responsible thing to do, as well as being the best approach financially.

We can help you to implement a health and safety management system that is fit for purpose, reflecting the size of your organization and your type of site activity. This will include a range of legally required documents, such as:

  • H&S Policy
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • Training documentation
  • Audit and Inspection documentation

Fire Prevention Plans

Fire is currently one of the main issues affecting the industry, with roughly one fire a day in the waste sector! The causes are many and varied, but the outcomes are often the same- pollution and nuisance to site neighbours and threats to life for the fire crews.

There is multi-agency concern and interest in the issue, with a large number of stakeholders from the responsible industry members, to the Environmental regulators; HSE; Insurance firms; Police; Fire services and Councils. All have been looking at what can be done to prevent, control and minimize the impact of fires within the industry.

One outcome of these discussions has been the identification of a need for waste companies to prepare and implement Fire Prevention Plans where they are dealing with specific waste types. This requirement is being imposed on new operations, with changes to the Standard Rules Permit application process requiring the submission of FPPs: