Once you have obtained your initial WAMITAB Technical Competence certificate there is a requirement for you to keep this ‘active’ by completing a 2 yearly Continuing Competence test. We realise that this can be very daunting, so we offer a refresher training course to confirm what you know; help you to fill in any gaps in your knowledge and give you a chance to try out a large number of questions.

We have several hundred questions for you to try out, with these drawn from across the different mandatory and activity specific sections in the Continuing Competence syllabus. These are not ‘the questions’, which are tightly controlled by CIWM (WAMITAB), but they are based on the syllabus and will therefore give you a really good foundation on what to expect. You can try our questions online as many times as you want during your allotted access period, with one big difference between ours and the real test, is that we tell you whether you have got a question right or wrong and also tell you the correct answer. This will help you to improve your knowledge in preparation for the real thing.

As well as the in-person course, where a trainer will deliver the generic material, improving your baseline knowledge for the test, if you prefer you can just have access to the presentation material and the relevant practice questions. You would obviously not receive the direct ‘teaching’, but this would still be a great option to prepare you for your test.


  • Anyone who has completed a WAMITAB technical competence qualification
  • Anyone who needs a bit of a boost to their confidence or knowledge


  • Put together by knowledge experts
  • Excellent feedback from previous attendees
  • Gives you a chance to test your knowledge before doing the real thing
  • Keeps you up to date