WAMITAB Validate

We are really proud to be the first Centre in the country to award a WAMITAB Validate certificate, working with staff from Fresh Start Waste Services Ltd.

Validate is a great way of recognising the ability of your staff and rewarding this through a certificate from WAMITAB. It also provides your company with confidence that your staff can do the key tasks correctly, which in turn can help with satisfying health and safety compliance.

The approach is fairly simple, with staff being observed and questioned on clearly defined tasks based around their jobs. Correctly completing every requirement leads to a ‘validate’ certificate.

You might want to get some of your managers, team leaders or supervisors to be the ‘validators’. That is fine and is often the best way of doing things as they are closest to your operational staff and will probably already be involved in checking that things are being done properly. If this is the case, then we can help you to get things set up by training the ‘validators’ on what is involved and also completing the inevitable administration for you.

As an alternative you might want us to do the whole thing for you, from carrying out the observations, through to completing the administration. This is of course fine, and is something we would be happy to discuss with you.